Mindful Movement Pilates Studio


Services at Mindful Movement Pilates Studio

Mindful Movement Pilates Studio and Movement Therapy Centre is a fully equipped Pilates, exercise and rehabilitation facility in Hornsby on Sydney’s upper north shore.

The Centre offers a wide range of health and movement related services suiting those with acute injury and health problems right through to those with long term fitness and performance goals.


General Services:

– tailored equipment based Pilates Studio sessions  (private or small group)

– graded Pilates mat classes

`Bones and Balance’ classes  for osteoporosis and osteopeania


Specialised Services:

We specialise in programs for those with:

– injury rehabilitation (back , neck, shoulder, hip and knee issues)

– post surgery rehabilitation

– pelvic floor issues

– medical problems (Parkinson’s, MS, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease,)


Retreats and Workshops:

– Pilates, meditation and relaxation retreats 

– Experiential workshops exploring the inherent wisdom of the body