Pilates Testimonials


Pilates Testimonials

“Dear Karen, I wanted to tell you how wonderful you are at what you do. Your intuitive classes are always amazing and I feel like they work on mind, body and spirit. This includes both classes I have been to (Pilates Mat and Active, Fit and Strong). You are an asset to so many in providing this service and I am really grateful to be in your company Thursday mornings.”
Vicki (Aged 42)

“From my point of view you run an excellent studio.  These are the things I appreciate about you and therefore about the studio that you have set up: You have created a safe space.  You have created an atmosphere of kindness and consideration of yourself, your staff and your clients. The safe space allows people of all body types and abilities to come and have a go. You are respectful of people’s strengths.  You are respectful of people’s weaknesses. You are generous with your praise and encouragement. You pay attention to your clients.  I notice how much you remember about the important things that are going on in their lives and offer kindness and understanding where needed. I know that you will look and listen (literally and energetically) to what I can handle at that moment and adjust exercises accordingly.  I know that you will encourage me to keep improving. I feel as if you care about my progress and I see that you care about the progress of all your clients.”
Louise (Aged 51)

“I have been attending Karen’s Pilates classes for the past 7 years. I started because I was suffering low back pain, which chiropractic manipulation was giving no long term relief. I am now free of back pain and much more flexible than I have been for years. A recent visit to a Spinal Specialist has indicated that the continued Pilates exercise regimen will make surgical intervention unnecessary. His advice was to increase the amount of Pilates I do!  I have since had both my hips replaced and Pilates was invaluable to my preparation for surgery and subsequent recovery”
Peter N (Age 62 yrs)

“Two years ago I herniated two discs in my lower back.  Nine months of physiotherapy and a few months of alternate therapies did not adequately resolve the pain and associated problems.  My back specialist recommended Pilates and swimming to assist in my rehabilitation.  I didn’t know what to expect from Pilates at first and found it quite difficult in the beginning.  However,  the hands on approach of the instructors and the personal attention I received in a small group session have ensured a remarkable turnaround in my back pain, posture and overall well being.  Added to this, the girls at Mindful Movement are a fun group to be with for a stretch and a laugh!  I would recommend all persons to attend Pilates whether overcoming an injury or not, as the everyday benefits of the exercise are many.”
Daniel P (Age 46 years)

I love attending Karen’s Pilates classes! My core strength has improved and I am much more aware of my posture and stance. Most of my lower back issues have improved by attending twice a week. As a teacher Karen is extremely professional, friendly and motivated. She is happy to give individual attention when needed. I would recommend her classes to anyone wanting to give Pilates a go.
Kirsten M (41 years)

“What can I say about Pilates with Karen? I’ve been doing Pilates with her for over 8 years now, having found her classes at a time when, having always been active, I realised that I could no longer take my body for granted. I wish I had found her sooner! I continue to be amazed at how she is able to motivate her classes with innovative verbal imagery, to focus your minds for the best possible execution of the exercise and to encourage your efforts with such enthusiasm. As a result, I feel I am straighter and stronger! She has kept me motivated, mindful of my body – but above all mobile! Thank you Karen!”
Wendy H (70 years)

“Since starting both strength training and Pilates I have had the privilege to have Karen as my teacher. Her ever watchful eye, constant enthusiasm, encouragement and working policy of making sure I execute every movement correctly has paid dividends. I find Karen’s classes a joy to be in!”
Joy W (67 years)

“I came to Karen’s Pilates class several years ago after injuring my back, and I was very nervous about the possibility of re-injuring myself. I was stiff and out of condition after a number of years in which I hadn’t felt able to do much by way of exercise. I chose Karen’s class because of her specialisation in rehabilitation. I have been really pleased with the results. After just 2 terms, I am noticeably more mobile, almost always pain free, and doing bends and stretches that I wouldn’t have dared attempt just a little while ago. Perhaps the most liberating benefit has been that I now feel more confident in my health again, and am not afraid that my back will `snap’. I am reassured by Karen’s expertise, her professionalism and her eagle eye. She manages to watch everyone in class carefully, gently correcting us and noticing changes in our ability. She is sensible, knowledgeable and above all encouraging.”
Dr Ruth B (51 years)

“I want to thank you for the care and attention you have given me while I have been attending your Pilates classes over the last 8 years. I have noticed marked changes in my body shape and core body strength in that time. You always remember everyone’s little problems and make sure you tailor each exercise to suit every individual need. I have recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so. I have just succeeded in getting my parents to come to your Bones and Balance class! “

Alison M (50 years)

“I have been to Pilates classes before, but it was only after attending Karen’s classes for the last 10 weeks, that I truly felt any benefit. Karen deliberately limits that number of participants in each class which allows her to give personalised attention and emphasise correct technique. I have noticed in a very short time, improvement in my flexibility, abdominal muscle tone and lower back pain. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending and feel so much better for it. Thank you Karen.”
Sue P (40 years)

“Karen explains and demonstrates the principles of Pilates in simple terms. The exercises have both strengthened and toned my entire body resulting in much improved posture.”
Jill W (66 years)

“About 5 years ago I had an arthroscopy and was told that within 2 years a knee replacement would be inevitable. Determined to prevent this and also to loosen my stiff back and shoulder, I began taking Glucosamine – Chondroitin, walking more and doing Pilates classes with Karen. At first I could not sit cross-legged nor kneel comfortably, but soon my flexibility began to improve. Today my joints are pain-free and I can even sit in mermaid position without grimacing! No knee operation in sight! Pilates has given me a greater awareness of tension in my body and how to release it and I now constantly monitor my posture (hearing Karen’s voice in my head!) and feel much better for it. One of the things I like about Karen’s lessons is that she encourages people to work at their own level, listening to their bodies while providing several levels of challenge in the movements. The provision of safe alternatives for those with injury is reassuring. No matter how rushed one is getting to the class, by the end of the hour one feels perfectly relaxed, strong and revitalised. Thank you, Karen!”
Cathy K (69 yrs)