Pilates Hornsby Services

Pilates Hornsby Services 

Mindful Movement is a fully equipped Pilates studio located in Hornsby. Our goal is to help you move and feel better. We can tailor a program to suit your needs whether you are recovering from an injury, want to enhance your sports performance or just want to connect with your body, tone up and strengthen your core.

Modern life is so frantic that we can get caught up in our headspace and disconnect from our bodies. The only way we experience life is from within our body and this amazing structure is designed to move and interact with the world.  If we disconnect from our body, we diminish our experience of the world around us and lose our capacity to be `present’.

Pilates has been described as `mindfulness in movement’. It is a means to help bridge the gap between body and mind, and to enhance self-awareness. Pilates uses movement to allow the body to heal itself.  In the hands of an experienced and intuitive practitioner, it can facilitate a movement experience beyond expectation no matter what shape you are in.

If you have an injury or illness, a tailored Pilates program can help you move without pain and to overcome the fear of pain associated with movement.  This is an incredibly powerful experience as it restores your trust in your own body, and in yourself.

If you are just looking to strengthen your core and tone up, whether you are a novice or really fit, we have a Pilates class to suit you.

We specialise in programs for:

  • rehabilitation after injury (lower back pain, neck, shoulder, hip and knee issues)
  • medical problems (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions, MS, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia)
  • women’s health issues (pelvic floor problems, pre- and post-natal health)
  • recovery and rehabilitation post surgery

At Mindful Movement we offer safe, effective and personalised Pilates which is closely supervised and guided by our highly qualified and accredited practitioners.

Why Choose Pilates?

Pilates leaves you feeling refreshed, energised and engaged. Pilates will help you to develop and enhance your:

  • abdominal and pelvic floor tone
  • core stability
  • spinal and joint mobility and stability
  • muscle strength and definition
  • posture and balance
  • flexibility

Over time you will develop better body awareness and an enhanced connection between body and mind. It can even improve your sleep quality, mood and energy levels.

How do I know whether Pilates is suitable for me?

Pilates is suitable for almost every body. It is an ideal way to get you moving safely and effectively if you are recovering from an injury, or if you just haven’t exercised for a while. The Pilates method is so comprehensive and adaptable that it can be modified to suit you whether you’re a novice or an athlete.

What Services should I choose?

Services offered at Mindful Movement include:

Pilates Studio Sessions (private or quad sessions)
Individualised exercise prescription using Pilates Studio & mat exercises to suit your personal rehabilitation needs and fitness goals. No Pilates experience necessary.

Pilates Mat Classes (max. 12 participants)
Mat based small group pilates sessions for those with no active rehabilitation issues. No Pilates experience necessary. Sessions are graded according to experience.

Bones and Balance Classes (max. 12 participants)

A personalised, closely supervised, small group class using light weights, resistance exercises and Pilates techniques to improve bone density, muscle strength and balance. Our instructors are experienced and highly skilled Pilates professionals with backgrounds in allied health. The class is very suitable for older adults and for those with bone density issues.


How do I choose the right Pilates Service for me?

To help you choose the right Pilates service for you, answer the following questions:

Do you have:

– An injury?

– Back or neck pain ?

– Hip, knee or shoulder issues?

– A medical condition (arthritis, musculoskeletal problem, MS, Parkinson’s Disease)?

– Bone density issues (osteopaenia or osteoporosis)?

– Bladder Weakness?

Are you:

– Pregnant ?

– Recovering from surgery?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then an initial individual assessment is required and Pilates Studio Sessions will be recommended in the first instance. Individual assessment is required before participating in Pilates Studio Sessions. Assessment may also be recommended by our therapists before participating in other classes to assist in identifying and resolving any movement issues.

If you answered NO to all the above questions then you may choose any of the following:

Pilates Studio Sessions

Pilates Mat Classes

Bones and Balance Classes

If you are unsure of what is suitable for you then please phone us on 94774065 to discuss your needs

 All sessions are guided and supervised by our highly qualified, accredited and experienced therapists. Sessions are by appointment only and bookings are essential. Please note that 24 hours notice must be given if you are unable to attend a booked session otherwise a late cancellation fee will be charged. Some Health Fund rebates apply to some sessions.