Karen Willey (Owner/Director)

Karen Willey (Owner/Director)

Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction (Polestar)

Masters of Applied Science, Exercise & Sport Science (Uni of Syd)

Mentor for Pilates Instructors-in-training (Polestar Pilates Australia)



Karen Willey (Owner/Director) has been teaching exercise and movement for more than 25 years.  She has a health professional background working as a Diabetes Nurse Consultant for 10 years at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, where she was responsible for clinical care, patient education, health professional training and research. She co-authored a book on diabetes care for patients and health professionals and completed a Masters Degree (by Research) in Exercise and Sport Science. Her research work, focusing on the effects of progressive resistance training in elderly, obese, diabetic subjects, has been published in international peer reviewed journals.

For the last 16 years she has been sharing her vast knowledge and experience of the Pilates method with others. She consolidated her knowledge and skills by completing a Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction with Polestar Pilates, and is also a Polestar Mentor assisting new instructors in their training.

Karen is an experienced, passionate and intuitive practitioner with expertise in rehabilitation from injury, illness and surgery.  She has helped many people to move without pain, to overcome the fear of pain associated with movement, and to help restore trust in the body’s inherent wisdom and capacity to heal.

Karen’s passion is to help people, especially those with injury or medical problems, improve their health and well-being with movement tailored specifically to their needs. She believes that if we are disconnected from our body, we diminish our experience of the world around us and lose our capacity to be `present’.  Pilates is a powerful means to help us reconnect with our body and to bridge the gap between body, mind and soul, enhancing our self-awareness.  Through Pilates and other movement modalities, Karen has helped many people to optimise their own movement quality, physical capacity and self belief.

For the last 4 years, she has co-facilitated Soulsong – a 6 day Outback Retreat of communion with land and soul, with Jane Elworthy and Jacqui Bushell.  Soulsong is a sacred women’s journey for greater knowing of the soul’s purpose, including camping, walking the river beds, sacred story, meditations, music, movement experiences and more.